Surviving Compassion Fatigue: Help For Those Who Help Others

If you’re a Human Service Worker, caregiver, or you work with at-risk populations as a counselor, social worker, parole officer, medical or mental health professional, or in any of the dozens of helping professions, Surviving Compassion Fatigue: Help for those who help others is for you.

You will learn about one woman’s physical and emotional descent due to years of self-neglect. You will also learn about her recovery as well as how to serve and care for others without forgetting to take care of yourself.

This book is full of practical wisdom and advice for those in the helping professions and caregivers. It tells Beverly’s story, as well as the stories of others who have neglected their own self-care. But more than that, it educates those in the helping professions and in caregiver roles about the importance of strategies for consistent self-care.

Find out how you may be putting yourself at risk and learn skills, techniques and strategies to restore and maintain self regulation, physical and emotional wellness and inner calm while still caring for those in need. You owe it to yourself.

A Blueprint for Self Care: Creating Time, Space and a Peaceful Healing Sanctuary for Those in the Helping Professions

Providing services and caregiving to struggling, victimized and traumatized children, youth, adults and the elderly is mentally and emotionally taxing. It can and will wear our bodies out. This book gives a seven-point blueprint to help promote self-care for your health and wellness.

In this book, you’ll learn the P.I.B.S.E.R.A. technique to manage caregiver fatigue:

  1. Prepare
  2. Impact Control
  3. Bounce Back
  4. Say NO
  5. Evaluate
  6. Recharge
  7. Appreciate

Compassion Fatigue is a natural outcome of the intense nature of the help we provide. We each may feel the impact of secondary and vicarious traumatic stress and burnout. However, we can take steps to recover and increase our resilience for the ongoing highly intense moments in our work.

ABOUT Beverly

Beverly is a Speaker, Educator, Consultant, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Author who has devoted 16 years to training Human Service Providers and Family Caregivers; helping them employ self-care recovery and neuro-physiological regulation strategies. By understanding the risk factors and prioritizing techniques, they can re-bound and remain effective and available to help those impacted by traumatic life experiences and At-Risk populations. Beverly’s training and coaching provides engaging, applicable and practical tools for sustainability and wellness.

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