In response to COVID-19 we are offering live web-based training, small group facilitation, and destress-detox sessions We are here to support you during this time. 



In-Person or Live Webinar Trainings Available

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Surviving Compassion Fatigue

Aka Secondary and Vicarious Traumatization 

Participants receive multiple strategies, techniques and methods for recovery, reducing and preventing the negative effects of compassion fatigue and restoring, peace, calm and inner regulation.

Cultural Humility 

Participants will experience the process of engaging in cross-cultural interactions with each other while learning and appreciating the culturally diverse backgrounds in the room.

Activities are designed for deliberate action in becoming sensitive to the values, beliefs, lifestyles and practices of our client’s cultures.

Keynote Presentation

Inspirational keynotes for Human Services Agencies, Nonprofits, and Organizations.

What Others are Saying:

“Hands down my favorite presenter of all my career. So validating.”

“Beverly is a dynamic speaker, and when she speaks, the importance of recognizing and addressing compassion fatigue comes alive.”

Personal Coaching 

One-on-one coaching sessions for agency staff and supervisors as a way to integrate the training on a personal level

Compassion Fatigue Certification Training

Our goal for this program is to support organizations in developing a trauma informed organization that supports the retention and resiliency of staff enabling them to provide quality services.

Reach out for more information on how to bring this program to your agency or organization.

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Other Training Offerings

Each training can be customized for your agencies needs. Other training topics offered include:

– Understanding and Supporting the Process of Grief & Loss in Children, Youth, and Ourselves

– Working with Traumatized Adults; Impacts of the Past and Impacts of the Present

-Violence & Trauma: The Impact on Child Development


Training Fee Structure

$3500 – Full-Day Training Fee

$3000 – Half-Day Training Fee

$2000 – Keynote Presentation 

$875 – 90 Minute Compassion Fatigue Refresher (available to those that have already completed a full-day Compassion Fatigue training)

$40 USD per diem per day, $20 USD prorated per diem per half a day

Reimbursement for airfare and hotel costs associated with training

$600 USD travel day fee for all trips that include over 6 hours of travel
(Fee waived if two or more consecutive days are scheduled in the same region).

Technical Assistance

Consultation for coordination and planning training is included in training fees. Additional consultation by phone or video conference is available. $200 USD per hour conference call

ABOUT Beverly

Beverly is a Speaker, Educator, Consultant, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Author who has devoted 16 years to training Human Service Providers and Family Caregivers; helping them employ self-care recovery and neuro-physiological regulation strategies. By understanding the risk factors and prioritizing techniques, they can re-bound and remain effective and available to help those impacted by traumatic life experiences and At-Risk populations. Beverly’s training and coaching provides engaging, applicable and practical tools for sustainability and wellness.

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