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Working directly with Human Services Agencies, Organizations and individuals who serve in a professional, support services and or caregiving capacity

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Certified Compassion Fatigue Reset Specialist 

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“You have the power to restore and maintain your own health and wellbeing throughout your dedicated and compassionate service and caregiving to others…”

-Beverly Kyer


Participants receive multiple strategies, techniques and methods for recovery, reducing and preventing the negative effects of compassion fatigue and restoring, peace, calm and inner regulation.

These training are highly interactive and experiential allowing all direct, managerial and support staff to professionally and personally connect.

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One-on-One live video conferencing coaching sessions to address personal and/or professional life’s challenges. Beverly provides a safe, confidential, practical, outcome focused approach in a compassionate manner.

Keynote Speaker

Inspirational keynotes for Human Services Agencies, Nonprofits, and Organizations.

What Others are Saying:

“Hands down my favorite presenter of all my career. So validating.”

“Beverly is a dynamic speaker, and when she speaks, the importance of recognizing and addressing compassion fatigue comes alive.”

Why Work With Beverly?

My mission in life is to educate Human Service Providers and Family Caregivers; “Those Who Help Others” about the potential dangers of inadequate self-care, and to help you see options for healthier adjustments to the way we as Helpers live our lives.

As long as you work as a service provider and/or caregiver and are dealing with others’ problems and traumas, until you address your own self-care, traumatic stress will forever manage you.

Caring and empathy are qualities which are so needed in our world, but these same qualities can place us in the direct path for compassion fatigue. To avoid this trap we must love ourselves concurrent to the service that we have been called to do. We must honor that which is in us with self-care and be diligent in doing so. My mission is to help you always remember to nurture and recharge your mind, body, and spirit.

I want to teach you how to employ intentional self-care by redefining and redesigning your lives to make your own wellbeing a top priority so that you can remain vital to self and available to help those in need.

“Beverly helps us all to remember the risks of failing ourselves and how we can remain fully engaged in our helping role when we ensure we care for ourselves as well as we care for others. Her personal story and professional insights offer the helping community a hand up. “

-Dr. Anna B Baranowsky, Taumatology Institute
How Does It Work?
First, I need you to tell me a little about yourself. What are you struggling with? What have you already tried? What do you hope to get out of coaching? You provide this information by clicking any of the “Apply Today” buttons on this page and filling out the short form. I’ll then review your responses and get back to you as soon as I can. If I feel I’ll be able to help, we’ll schedule a free call to put together a plan for you to follow. Then, if we both agree my coaching program is a good fit for you, we’ll work together over the coming weeks and months to implement your self-care plan.

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Our first call is a chance to connect and develop a plan for working together.


We will work 1-on-1 to make your own wellbeing a top priority.
How Much Does It Cost?

Well, let me ask you this…

What are the costs of the challenges faced by those who help? Including, intense involvement with the sick, traumatized or victimized, exposure to stories and images that can be disturbing and imprinted in your mind, cyclical episodes of crisis, caseload demands that have far exceeded desirable, and work hours that overload and prevent you achieving life balance.

As an agency you may be experiencing the deep cost of infrastructure and operational challenges and chronic and prolonged staff shortages.

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ABOUT Beverly

Beverly is a Speaker, Educator, Consultant, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist and Author who has devoted 16 years to training Human Service Providers and Family Caregivers; helping them employ self-care recovery and neuro-physiological regulation strategies. By understanding the risk factors and prioritizing techniques, they can re-bound and remain effective and available to help those impacted by traumatic life experiences and At-Risk populations. Beverly’s training and coaching provides engaging, applicable and practical tools for sustainability and wellness.

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